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No K&N filter for 2005 6.0L

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Took my 2005 to K&N this afternoon to fit check the stock replacement filter and FIPK filter kit that are used on the 03-04. They will not fit, intake is apx 2" higher and the stock frame that holds the filter has been redesigned for it. K&N will be designing a new stock replacement filter and PPK kit. They need 2 more 2005's to fit check the PPK kit on during design work. So, if your in So. Calif. and want a kit contact K&N at (951) 826-4100 and ask for Dino. Later - Ross :flag
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Go Green

According to Green Filter USA, their 2003-04 filter will fit the 2005.

To double check them, I called servel GM Chevy dealers. As it turns out, the same AC Delco air filter is in the 2003 and 2004 as is in the 2005.

So, it makes sense that if the same AC Delco filter will fit, the same Green filter should fit too.

So, I ordered one. I'll let everybody know if it fits my 2005.
I was in Pep boys just lookin around and found a Fram "Airhog" filter that fits SSR's. I'd get one if I didn't already have the K&S.
Green Filter 2498

The Green Filter (part number 2498) fit just fine in my 2005 SSR.

Happy motoring!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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