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Well, this is embarrassing. My signature line is "always check relays".
I would imagine you have guessed it.

At the rally in Warner Robbins(which was outstanding) my washer fluid stopped. I asked around and the idea was maybe a loose hose. I had replaced the pump on the fluid bottle no to long ago.
I turned on the washer and was told to turn it off, water was running out of the front passenger area behind the fender. My guess is that was a false positive which lead to some unnecessary work. That must have been the AC condensation?
I went to the "How to Library" to remove the wiper motor to learn how to remove the cowl. Had to take it all the way off so the wipers could move, no fluid out the wiper pod(mine is an '04) no fluid draining, it looks like it might go the the driver's side anyway.
I pulled the pipe off of the bottom of the pump, tested the wiper wash, no pressure(that's a tight little spot).
Then I went to the manual. There is a fuse#27 and a relay #40. It was the relay.

It seems most of my problems have been relay related,

trunk wouldn't open-relay, not actuator(discovered after actuator was changed) It was a relay.

The drivers side door lock would not work with the key FOB- nope , not the locking mechanism, took it out , sent it off -it was a relay
Interesting [email protected]

Also, engine would not start. This lead to a 48 post thread, lots of discussion,many ideas, it was a relay.

AC was hot, cold hot-yep it was a relay.

Here is a special thanks to @Autoprof and the many others that have helped me along the way.
Just looking at my relay problems above-what a staggering bill that would have totaled if all that research and repair had been done one a fee(dealership-the closest is an hour and 15 minutes away)basis.
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