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Create a North West Indiana Chapter of SSR Fanatics

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No I Quess we can always just meet up somewhere we can get to ........ we are retired so any sunny summer day or night

My "YellowBird" is in storage for the winter and I don't bring HIM out until April or May, weather pending
Hey SuperC-Y ,
Don't give up , watch the other dates already claimed by events in the country and pick a time and place. Throw the time and place out there and see if you get a response. You will never please everyone but if you host it they will come! It doesn't have to be a full rally for a bunch to get together for a day or two. Meeting up for a lunch at a local place and then go to the cruise - in that you mentioned would be a place to start.
Good luck , we love to travel and meet other owners and have been known to travel to Ohio for lunch , so Indiana is well in range! Hope to see you next spring/summer.
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It's going to be a Great Spring,Summer,Fall.....all because We of the SSR Fanatics get to drive our

"Trucks"again ,after a "Long Winters Nap" in storage .

And we can't hardly wait for Maggy Valley in May! What a great road trip that going to be.

Anyone want to drive down with us?

We live in Crown Point,In and will be headed down I 65.
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