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If you want to get the gorgeous logos that Norva Plastics made for my SSR they are available at Norva Plastics, contact is Howard Everton at [email protected]
He is only charging $30.00 a set and they are well made for sure! I have no stock and get no kick back on this. Just providing a very cool thing to all the SSR owners here if interested. I attached mine with velcro to the carpeted be in seconds. Works like a charm and looks terrific. He only has a few sets but can make more on request.

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Nice touches

Joe Schuhriemen said:
Hey Cruz,

I like your idea of the plastic logos for the rear bed. But I also like the metal ones for the engine compartment. How do I get those. Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
I don't often look for add ons, for me I am pretty much keep it a "stock" look kinda guy. However those metal SSR emblems that Tom - SSRcobra makes are fanatasic and look so great that I think they should become standard on the SSR!
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