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Rare opportunity. Two fronts and two rears never mounted! *****NO center caps***** Wheels only. That’s the good news. Now for the bad. No boxes. I have owner these wheels for eight years. When I got them they were without boxes and had been bounced around a GM stores back storage room for years. SO what I’m trying to say is they are not perfect NOS items that have been sitting in a Cryogenic chamber since they were made! They have some light scuffing and few dimples here and there from getting shuffled around over the years, not perfect but still new and unused. But what they Dont have is any curb rashes,rotten beads or destroyed edges. Looking to sell them as I sold the SSR years ago and don’t see myself getting another one. Looking for $2500 for the set plus shipping via purolator. I live in Niagara Falls Ont so if your in the USA expect a possible customs surcharge (not sure what if anything it may be)
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