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November 2018 ROTM Vote

  • Flying Dog

    Votes: 46 56.1%
  • Texasbaehr

    Votes: 36 43.9%
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Here are your contestants for this months ROTM!

Flying Dog

Throwing my SSR into the ring.
Mods & Improvements:
Custom painted rally stripes (Flying Dog design, painted by local hot rod shop)
Custom painted engine cover (Flying Dog design, painted by SSR Fanatic, “Fuzzy”)
Replaced radiator fan with high volume fan (Simple Engineering)
Magnaflow Dual outlet muffler & new tail pipes installed by local shop
Motive 4:30 rear gears installed by local shop
Painted & installed Torsen differential cover (Simple Engineering)
Installed ABS heat shield (Simple Engineering)
Installed transmission shifter upgrade (Dicktator)
Painted & installed fiberglass hood emblem support
Installed new front air dam (Simple Engineering)
Installed hood struts & brackets (Simple Engineering)
Replaced bed cover struts (Simple Engineering)
Installed metal lower radiator support (Simple Engineering)
Installed OEM 3 gauge pod on front of console
Replaced roof struts (Simple Engineering)
Performance custom tune upgrade ECM (JeremyFormato - Fasterproms)
Ported & polished throttle body & coolant hose bypass (JeremyFormato - Fasterproms)
Installed Red SSR logo brake caliper covers (MGP)
Installed front frame stiffening plate (Simple Engineering)
Installed spare tire Kit with new relocated battery box (Simple Engineering)
Replaced ignition switch with newer model (Dicktator)
Replaced rear cross bar with 4 bolt crossmember (Simple Engineering)
Installed complete K&N cold air system
Installed body color Corvette rear license frame surround
Installed body color exterior door handle vinyl wrap by local sign shop
Installed satin SSR logo door sills
Added cargo bed carpet mat with SSR logo
Installed new door speaker covers with SSR logos
Installed custom visor decals & waterfall badge (QWKSSR)
Traded satin wheels for chrome wheels
Installed leather shifter ball cover with red brads (Turnheadz)
Installed tall leather console tray (Turnheadz)
Custom “SSRon” logo on passenger dash trim (made by Ron Johnson, SSRon2)
Installed plexiglass wind suppressor (Florida Stainless)

My 2004 Slingshot
It's been a Labor of Love doing all the upgrades and custom work.
Drive it almost every Day.
Slingshot Yellow, Running boards, Rear Carpet with wood strips, soft bags and hard bags.
Custom 4 tip center exhaust
Custom flag graphics with Chevrolet Roadster graphics.
Custom fiberglass Engine Cover with matching graphics.
Smoothed grill bar
C7 Corvette Tailgate badge
Custom cornering lamps in lower front fenders
Custom gauge pod on dash with TPMS, outside Temp and voltage
Custom under seat storage boxes
Custom cup holder
Chevrolet script on dash bar
Custom made waterfall badge and windscreen.
Front Parking Sensors hidden inside Grill Bar
Added pneumatic hood struts and stronger cargo cover struts
Kenwood radio with Navigation, Bluetooth, rear camera, CD/DVD, dual USB inputs.
MGP Red Caliper Covers
Drilled/Slotted rotors
Joe Delano 93 octane Tune
Corvette Servo
Simple Engineering:
New Fan, radiator support, stiffening Plate, rear cross brace, 4 Bilstein Shocks, ABS shield, Trans Cable fix, Spare tire kit, Roof pneumatic cylinders, Coolant hoses and Cooling system tune-up kit.
Matching Slingshot painted New Bright "Mini Me"
All above work done by owner in home workshop.

2004 Smokin' Asphalt
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My vote is in for one of these fine looking trucks !!!!!!!! :grin2:

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These are 2, top of the line SSR's. Newbes, like myself look up to guys like FD and TB, who have invested so much time and energy in their fine rides. :yellow::trophy::ssr:trophy: Tough decision for Old Yella !!:yellow:

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You two certainly made it tough on us...
...absolutely gorgeous trucks!! :smile2:

Best of Luck Greg and Ron!!

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Wow two great SSR's to vote on, you can see the time and effort that was put into these beauty's, so get up and vote for your favorite.

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Talk about and neck and neck back and forth contest, this one looks to be a nail biter to the very end. Get out and vote as yours could be the difference maker.

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2004 Slingshot Yellow
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Damn....this might take a two point conversion in the 7th overtime.....LOL
Sorry Tigers!
Aggies Rule!

2004 Smokin' Asphalt
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What's up with this Ron are they forgetting to give you your major award ?????????? :surprise:
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