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This is your month's ROTM Winner!

Flying Dog

Throwing my SSR into the ring.
Mods & Improvements:
Custom painted rally stripes (Flying Dog design, painted by local hot rod shop)
Custom painted engine cover (Flying Dog design, painted by SSR Fanatic, “Fuzzy”)
Replaced radiator fan with high volume fan (Simple Engineering)
Magnaflow Dual outlet muffler & new tail pipes installed by local shop
Motive 4:30 rear gears installed by local shop
Painted & installed Torsen differential cover (Simple Engineering)
Installed ABS heat shield (Simple Engineering)
Installed transmission shifter upgrade (Dicktator)
Painted & installed fiberglass hood emblem support
Installed new front air dam (Simple Engineering)
Installed hood struts & brackets (Simple Engineering)
Replaced bed cover struts (Simple Engineering)
Installed metal lower radiator support (Simple Engineering)
Installed OEM 3 gauge pod on front of console
Replaced roof struts (Simple Engineering)
Performance custom tune upgrade ECM (JeremyFormato - Fasterproms)
Ported & polished throttle body & coolant hose bypass (JeremyFormato - Fasterproms)
Installed Red SSR logo brake caliper covers (MGP)
Installed front frame stiffening plate (Simple Engineering)
Installed spare tire Kit with new relocated battery box (Simple Engineering)
Replaced ignition switch with newer model (Dicktator)
Replaced rear cross bar with 4 bolt crossmember (Simple Engineering)
Installed complete K&N cold air system
Installed body color Corvette rear license frame surround
Installed body color exterior door handle vinyl wrap by local sign shop
Installed satin SSR logo door sills
Added cargo bed carpet mat with SSR logo
Installed new door speaker covers with SSR logos
Installed custom visor decals & waterfall badge (QWKSSR)
Traded satin wheels for chrome wheels
Installed leather shifter ball cover with red brads (Turnheadz)
Installed tall leather console tray (Turnheadz)
Custom “SSRon” logo on passenger dash trim (made by Ron Johnson, SSRon2)
Installed plexiglass wind suppressor (Florida Stainless)

2004 Smokin' Asphalt
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Congrats FD, you have a very nice looking ride. Don't spend all the prize money in one place like the rest of us did..:banana:banana:banana:yellow: :ssr:trophy:
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Congratulations to the Flying Dog. An absolute stunning ride. Although I also have a Red machine, I can only hope that mine will look half as good as this one in the future. The Fanatics group seems to have plenty of great looks to aspire to. Can't wait to see all them at the Branson meeting next year. It should be great.

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Congrats Ron @Flying Dog , really sweet looking SSR!!

Don't be discouraged Greg @Texasbaehr ...
...they say when one door closes, another one opens.

Check out this open door
I guess all the slingshots already went into hibernation for the winter.
Congrats Ron!!
This was the third entry for me.... read my tag line, I guess I'm officially insane!
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