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Hi guys (and gals!)

Being marooned over here in UK a zillion miles from most things American - I need a Scan tool - problem is that most US suppliers will only deal with US addresses or their credit card form gives up when a zip code cant be found.

So I managed to source a unit here in UK - using the ELM hardware - turned up looking nicely packaged - pity it didnt work!!

I had specified VPW interface - as I was fairly sure that the 2003 SSR that I have is VPW.
As the unit failed to work properly I returned it for a refund (the support was so bad I just lost patience)
The dealer just came back and asked if I was sure that the OBD2 on my SSR was indeed VPW as he had been told that some SSR were in fact CAN protocol.

As I am nowhere near my SSR just now (working in a cave in Norway!) I thought I would check here for the definitive word on 2003/2004 5.3L SSR OBD2 Protocols?

Is it VPW or could it be CAN??

Thanks in advance


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Give me a yell next week and I will look around for you, I will handle the shipping for you like before.

After spending 20 years in the Marines and several trips to Norway, the caves are huge are they not. The best part is the liberty in town after work.
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