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OEM Hitch

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"Just a thought", GM sold us a rather expensive hitch that is to high to use. I think GM should re-engineer thier mistake and send a recall for one that works properly. Lets have some input guys? Mofo
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They SHOULD, but I'll bet they WON'T! :nono
hitch just about right!

:D It is almost too low for my boat. It is not as high as on my 3/4 ton chevy. I lower the back 2" at the wheels to wheel flare. You are not going to get one size fits all with this type of receiver platform. I am suppose to have 2" of rise in the front at tounge to the rear of boat for the surge brakes. I could not pull my boat with it if the hitch was any lower. maybe an inch at the most. I don't know what kind of little trailers you'al is a pullin. :thumbs :flag :ssr :seeya
Speaking of tounges...

The current tounge sweeps up. It could just as easily sweep down.

A couple different models would not be difficult.

Economical... that could be a different story.
BOBA---- Yo ain't pulling nothing to big with a 250lb tounge weight and 2500lb towing on the SSR...LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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