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OEM Parts a must!

hotwheels said:
... I'm getting my windshield replaced at the dealership, and I'm trying to get a part number or product number for the Urethane Adhesive and Primer that GM uses at the factory to bond the glass to the frame. I'm trying to make sure that the job is done to OEM specifications and parts.

**Freezer / Marc / SSR plant employee's ?? Your help would be appreciated.
Hotwheels :thumbs
I believe Freezer might know more about this topic ... but here are some of my thoughts on how to go about getting the correct items. I would first ask the dealer for an "exact" OEM replacement of your SSR windshield that would have the correct markings & logos on it. Second I would then make sure whoever is installing the window (usually the dealer hires an outside contractor to do the replacement) gets the correct factory OEM parts & adhessive etc. You might insist on calling the installer yourself and tell them to make sure you get all OEM GM parts.

Ps You can also try calling i.e. Nappa Stores and ask them what OEM materials you will need to have.
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