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Last weekend when we had our Tech Seminar
you said something that has me worried.
If i remember said that if
the battery is disconnected for more then
30 mins. That the computer chips return
to their original factory setting ?????

Oh please don't tell me that all the money that
I spent on peaking my chips......

Oh no...... Is Trouble living up to her name ???


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Relax, Frank.......

There are several levels of memory retention in your computer system. The most volatile is stuff that resets every time the ignition is cycled (like minor engine faults) and the most permanent is really difficult to get to (like Vehicle ID number and mileage). The settings installed with your custom tune are not subject to power interruptions of any type.


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Thank You Mike....
I was really starting to get myself all worked up.
I was thinking that the chips get all reset to factory
The owner of the shop first asked me
about the key not wanting to come out. So, I showed him
how I wanted it jumped. Sort of made me feel bad...
sitting there with the hood up.....parked between a
Tesla and a Farrarri.

Oh..BTW .I got your package today.

Thank You

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