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I'll let you know probably Friday. The weather doesn't look promising. Don't like driving 6 hrs up and back in the rain possible storms. What's the forecast from the sources up there.
I totally understand and i am looking forward to seeing you again. Hopefully Marie and I can make it down to Kentucky in August - we are working on it!

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I updated JPs on the number of attendees and they are excited we are coming!
Please bring/wear a mask-- see the signs posted at restaurant -- You will go inside and order take out for the patio
JPs sells mask for $2 -- I am not sure if I have anymore disposable ones for spares in case someone forgets
We can move the picnic tables tables but we must be respectful of others
Only four people at a time inside restaurant, so we will order food in shifts. It will be helpful if you look a menu before arriving. I have made some hard copies for us to use in case they aren't available.

JPS signage.jpg

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Thanks for following up with these details Mark! 馃槈
Could we just call in our orders? Might be easier. Here's a carryout menu and phone number.


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Looks like we could have a mini rally!!
1.AutoProf (Mark/Marie)
2. HUAW (Larry/Jami)
3.Firetruck (Jarod/Lori)
4. MicDonna (Mic/Donna)
5. oldxr (Dane/?)
6. BATSSR (Bat/Linda)
7. AuntDi &I /Studmuffin(Diana/Tim)
8. 05 SSR 6 speed (Greg/?)
9. CincySSR (Wayne/Rosa)
10. Roller (Jayboy/Kay)
11. run faster (Jim/Linda)
12. Mr Met (John/Judy)
13. voodoophantom (Art/Kathy)
14. T Goodman (Terry/Lori)
15. Randal Bolton FB Member
16. Jerry Turner FB Member

Maybe; GoldBowTie, Lady in Red, @SWT RYD 馃
I'm not going to make it. Sorry.
I will be at Finger Lakes in September.
Will see you then.

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Luckily I have the Smokin鈥橝sphalt and that is one of the SSR colors that won鈥檛 run in the rain.

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I have arrived at Bolton Field and it is not raining,,,,does not look like rain,,,and must not have rained since they are cutting the grass.

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Great day! A little rain didn't dampen the fun! 13 die hards showed up and we even let in a couple from Indiana. Good food and nice atmosphere but the rain held off the putt putt challenge for another day. Thanks @HUAW for setting it up and @Autoprof for the location. Good to see everyone again and some new faces too.


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I was happy to see some new members and revisit with some i have met before.
Where did time go.
It seemed we just got started and it was time to say goodbye.

I hope everyone that attended enjoyed themselves today and liked the location and food.

If you do facebook or yelp please be sure to post some reviews for Carol and her crew @JPs bbq. They did an excellent job accommodating us.

Thanks for posting pictures @Firetruck
Here are a few more


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Despite some rain to start things we had a great time at our "Meet and Greet" in Columbus today. Mark (AutoProf) did an excellent job in selecting this centrally located site. The enclosed pavilion was perfect for our social distancing and kept us dry! JP's BBQ had some great food but the best was the time spent talking and getting to know one another! I found out we had another Fanatic maybe 20 miles from me! Randy and Karen, I look forward to seeing more of you two! 馃槈

Everyone was eager to hear some of our plans for the International Rally in 2021 and also got some great ideas for us to consider as well!

Finally we got our photo op and as usual hanging around and getting ideas for our trucks. I asked a stupid question about whether you can get too much chrome! Jarod(Firetruck) and Mark (AutoProf) laughed and said NEVER!!!
Thank you for those who came and look forward to seeing the rest of you NEXT TIME! 馃槈
Love My Fanatic Family! 馃榿

Thanks @Firetruck and @Autoprof for posting the pictures here as well. I'm trying to get the group picture to post later!
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