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Ol’ fella with a new ride…

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Hello ALL, this looks to be a great forum and I’m glad to have signed on.

Just bought a 2006 on BAT. I have not picked it up yet but hope to in a week or two. I’m a truck/car guy and have been for…let’s just say a long time. :cool:

I love to do the F,B,D, thing and I “think” I’ll be doing a couple thousand mile drive home after picking it up.

I’m sure I’ll have many questions down the road (or on the side of the road) and look forward to getting to know the SSR.

…..BAT, bring a trailer
…..F,B,D, fly,buy,drive
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Welcome from another new guy.

Haven't got an SSR yet, still dreaming.

I am also climbing up the posting ladder.
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