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Open Invitation Southwest SSR Owners

1134 Views 7 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  Bert007
It has been suggested to me by several people that we start our own local SSRClub ......... so I am inviting anyone within traveling distance to join us

Topcat Auto Show Texas Motor Speedway Date - Saturday August 28, 2004 Set up time – 1:00 p.m. Start time – 2:00 p.m. End time – 4:30 p.m. Entries - Corvette, Viper, Camaro, Trans Am, Mustang, Harley Davidson, PT Cruiser, Truck, Hot Rod, Foreign, Classic, and anyone else who wants to show off what they drive. Clubs and/or individuals are welcome. Winners of each category will get their picture taken in the Winners Circle. Prices - $10 for Auto Show (mandatory) $25 3 laps around the track (optional) $10 picture crossing the finish line (optional) $10 picture in winners circle (optional) Winners get this free.You must enter your vehicle in the Auto Show in order to run laps. Reservations are mandatory so that our friends at the Texas Motor Speedway have an idea of how many vehicles will be running laps. No drive-ups will be accepted without written approval. All entry forms must be received no later than August 1, 2004. Email me and I will be happy to email you our form: [email protected] All proceeds will help The Colony High School Topcat Drill Team. Thanks for your help
Please email me or PM me for any more info or questions. Machell :party
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Hey - Machell - I talked to the guy that installed my XPEL today - told him about Topcat - said he'll probably go and bring his road installation kit with him. You still looking to install one or did you do it already??
I have not done that yet, my dealer got me a quote for 600$ and a lifetime warranty, but I haven't talked to them to verify all my questions. I still have a few dings now to fix first on the hood. BTW did you send your money? If not PM me with your info so I can get all money to them by Monday, I can't wait to drive around the track and I just might have to splurge on an extra 25$ for my hubby to get his turn, VRROOOOOMMMMMM!

Finally go hold of Fred Womack and am all signed up. What do you think the chance are of us both getting on the track at the same time/// Now wouldn't that be a hoot. :yesnod
I don't know how they are setting that up, but oh what fun it will be on the that 30degree turn on the track. What kind of meat are we grillin'?

We're grillin' Don if he doesn't show.
I am still working on him! :) Bert007 is a go too! And I hope to see Wayne this weekend. My husband a met a man who sells airplanes, and he ordered his (it is yellow) and just got it in May??????. he is getting his wheels painted., He has yellow screws hold on his license plate holder, he has a custom made yellow mat for the bed and lots of other things too. He wants to get a North Texas SSR Club started my husband gave him our home phone number so he will be in touch soon!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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