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:D OK, guys/gals, it appears opening the cargo area cover is a combo of using the key fob or the switch in the glove box to pop it open and then manually lift it up. Here ya go, straigth form page 13 of the owners manual:

Opening the Cargo Are Cover

•Caution: To help avoid damage, the convertible top must be fully open or fully closed when opening the cargo cover.

•Press the button located in the glove box, or use the remote keyless entry transmitter to release the cargo cover.

•From the rear edge, lift the Cargo Area Cover. The cover will tilt open.

•If you wish, reach inside and release and lower the tailgate using the handle located in the center on the inside of the tailgate.

Closing the Cargo Area Cover

Note that the cargo area is "air tight" which means you must follow these steps to close the Cargo Area Cover:

•Make sure tailgate is partially open

•Close the cargo area cover.

•Close and make sure the tailgate is securely latched.

To open the cover manually, locate the control box under the rear of the vehicle on the driver side, behind the rear tire.

Insert the convertible top release tool (from the glove box) or your ignition key and turn it to activate the emergency release. To remove the cargo cover, see your Owner Manual for full details.
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