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Corvette Owners Opinions

Thanks for the link. . . . . Another interesting point of view, and probably right on. I know I have taken a hit buying #369 '03 at sticker, but it will only cost me big money if I get rid of it soon. It has been worth the extra cost for the fun of having one of the first around! :yesnod

First time posting... you guys have a nice board here.

I'm "in the market" for an '05 SSR... as soon as Iowa's winter is over, I'll have one... until then, I'll hold on to my '04 Tahoe Z71. Only thing holding me back from ordering... I can't decide what color!!! And... I'm hoping (*praying) for OnStar & XM to be made available in late '05... but I doubt it.

Anyway, I'm not at all concerned about the price of the SSR... I think it is a GOOD thing, not a BAD thing! Just think... if the price of the SSR was around 30,000... as the Vette people were saying... EVERYONE would have one. I, for one, LIKE the idea of being the only guy in town with an SSR. That is part of it's appeal to me. There are a ton of Vettes out there, even Hummers... but no SSRs!

Price the SSR around 30,000... and it becomes alot like the PT Cruiser. I liked them alot when they first came out... but theres WAY too many of them out there now, and it got old.

Rather than cut down the price, GM should cut down the production. I don't think anyone ever thought this was a mass-production car... it has a very small market niche. The mistake isn't the price, but rather in thinking that this is a car for the masses.

Instead, it is a car for ME. Or for US. :cheers

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Good post - I agree with you on production numbers - posted a very similar thought a few days ago.

Lower production to meet demand, the price will hold up better, and value is maintained - just don't lower it, especially on a "limited production" high performance version, to the point where some unscrupulous, short term thinking dealers can gouge the buyers, as happened with the early 03s.

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