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Options, to get or not to get.

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What options do you wish you had or could live without?

#1 6speed / auto - for me gotta be this time 6speed

#2 License plate bracket- we have no choice but to order in CA

#3 Customised floor mats- do you put a clear cover on them to keep them nice?

#4 Auxilary Gauge- does it complete the dash & give the info you want

#5 Chrome Wheels-I love the look on Smokin Asphalt-expen$ive

#6 1SB-a given

#7 cargo Compartment trim-not sure

#8 body colored accent pkg-convince me I need this

#9 Integrated running boards- I like it with or without need help deciding

#10 cargo netting package- can this be added later for same price of $220.00?
is this what I would put my briefcase in groceries etc?

#11 cockpit windbrake- who got this and then replaced with WindsuppreSSR

#12 Integrated sidesaddle storage-

#13 towing package: hitch insert-
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1 - Auto
2- Did not want one or need one
3- Had Dad get a new set for me for a spare. He works at the Dealer.
4- Did not get...Nothing down there to realy look at.
5- Had to have them..Mine is a Smoking Asphault..
6- Oh yea...
7- I love the look of the wood...And the carpet!
8- Love it!
9- I have the satin ones and love them...Even though I step over them to get into the truck.
10- I do not know the add onprice later but Love mine..It with black sheet under it to help prevent scratchs on the wood trim..
11- Did not want one. I got a convertible so my hair could be blown in the wind. what little I have left...LOL
12- Did not get this option as I thought it would take away the wood strip floor.
13- Got it..I have a motorcycle that I like to take places also....

Bottom line to me is... As long as you own an SSR the rest is all gravy...
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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