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'04 pure stock silver SSr
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I just was back in Detroit for the weekend and one of the original 'concept' versions is sitting at the GM Logo Shop in the airports terminal lobby just past security. It's the metallic purple one with the split windshield and bench seat. It was the first time saw it sitting on a floor. You could really go over it. The trim is metal not plastic. The bench seats really aren't that great looking. The rear lighting/back-up lights actually look better on my production version. The gas cap is great. I'd guess that the aftermarket will come up with something similar but it will have to stay on the fender. The big bow tie logo in aluminum and gold on the steering wheel looked great. I also liked the way the dual exhaust came through the rear pan on the concept.

All in all, the execution from concept to production is quite true to the original....of course the big block would have been nice.

By the way they had great SSR t-shirts, hats and duffel bags for sale too! The guys that worked there were shocked when I told them I had over 1000 miles (and smiles) on mine already.
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