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Outside Door Handles

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Does anyone know the procedure in removing the exterior door handles. I have the inner door panels off ? Mofo
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I did mine, used sheet metal to weld up the doors and quarters. Bought a keyless entry systen from Welded up the manuel door locks so not have any accidents. I see you are in so ca I am on the corner of Tustin and LaPalma if you want to look at mine. I drive her every day it isn't raining or apart.Kendon
Door Panels

Hi Ken, Thanks, but I want to take the stock ones off and paint them. Mofo
Paint them on the car. I had mine done, they never removed them. Tape off your area, be careful, no overspray. Look good.
That seems, not to be in the 04 service manual.

But from what does show in the diagrams, I think you will need to remove the inside panels.

The most frustrating part of how the manuals are written is how when you want to remove A the first instruction is remove B (see how on page x.xx). So you go to page x.xx and the instructions there say first remove C (see how on page x.xx).

So now you have removed C and B going back to the instructions for removing A and it says now remove D (see page x.xx)... And so it goes. Arrgh! :cuss
panels already off?

then there's 2 10mm nuts ( you need a extension ) snap the linkage loose and they come right off, take the lock cylinder and paint it too ( 2 clips ) if you don't it really sticks out :flag


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If you take them off I would recommend powdercoating them.
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