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I have an 03 MY which dose not display Outside Temp in the Aux gauges or DIC display. Id really like to add this function.

Can some of you 05,06 owners tell me where the the OAT sensor is located on your vehicles ?

Any of you Techs know how I may get it to display in the DIC ? With a software flash or computer module ?


like this:

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'06 OAT Location

The sensor is just left of center on the harness that runs across the bottom of the frame cross member at the top of the condenser. You can see this harness by looking up from beneath the fascia.

On the '05 it is tied to the harness, on the '06 it is on a bracket attached to the left wiring clamp on the bottom of the cross-member.

On both years, there is a connector that emerges from the wiring loom connected directly to the sensor. I strongly suspect that this is an integral part of the standard wire harness in the truck.

The '06 DIC is the only one that has the OAT programmed.

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