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Some things I see that I am a bit opinionated on. Opininated? Moi? HaHa!

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

As much as I admire MB's. (I have 2 now) Hitler designed the nose on this puppy. The wonderful "Sign of the Silver Star" on this Benz is an embarrasment to us Benz owners, again, my opinion - Moi?
Chop the nose off and she is gorgeous. This makes me appreciate the electric cars of today - no chrome grille at all - seeing all the chrome in the mid 50's, early 60's, way too cool!
Where are Jaloppnik idiots now?
Apologies to anyone that owns this wonderful car.

When I get home, I want a car that I feel like cuddling, not my beauty that looks like she will bite my ass as I scurry for the door.

Tire Vehicle Wheel Car Hood

Again, opinions.
Somewhere, American car designers decided the Darth Vader helmet would be a good design for car grilles.
German's stole that idea it seems.
But also, American car designers felt the need to make the Corvete a Ferrari.
Honestly, I look at modern Vette and can't sort it from a Ferrari - not a bad thing I suppose. The Vette is amazing for less money.

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Jeez, a gorgeous cow catcther and some dream built by a man that understood things.
Hard, at least to me, this car was built when I was a twinkle in Mom and Dad's eye.
Tough to think is 70 some years old
Also tough to think I am 70'ish years old
I think the last Batmobile may have been designed from the gorgeous rear of this car
Batman, Superman - Mary Ann or Ginger
Batman & Mary Ann of course
Another of my many opinions - HaHa!
"Mercy", from my guy Roy
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