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Pacific Coast Dream Machines Car/Air Show

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For anybody interested:

The Half Moon Bay car/air show (Pacific Coast Dream Machines) is on April 25th 2004 - at the Half Moon Bay Airport - right at the ocean.

Entry Form:

$20.00 entry fee until 4/17/4 - then $25.00...

This is an ALL Vehicle show - so no "pre '72" stuff to deal with.

Sending my entry form today - if others are going - perhaps we could coordinate with the promoters to display together???

ALSO - the preceding Saturday is the car show in my hometown of Kingsburg California (7/17/4) - this IS a 'pre '72' show - But as a member of the Chamber - I'll arrange for a SSR area if others are interested. (Located on Hwy 99 - 30 min south of Fresno)
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Car Show

The car show sounds great. I'm gonna send in my entry tomarrow. I entered my SSR in a car show here in San Jose and got the chance to have professional photos taken of it at Moffet field near the hangers by the flight line. the pics are on

under automobile, new trucks
I'm told next year it will be used in a calendar.
I've attached a photo from the shoot. The rest are on the web site.

i't been great owning my SSR, the best experience ever.


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SSR Pics

Another one from Moffet Field, notice the jet fighter taxing over to look at my SSR


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more pics

here's just one more, notice the lights reflecting off the car as the sun went down.


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Two weeks away...

The Pacific Coast Dream Machines show is 2 weeks away. I will be arriving in the area on Saturday - and will be staying at the Ramada Limited in Half Moon Bay on Saturday night.

Any other SSR owners participating? If you all would like to meet at the Ramada and drive over on Sunday morning we could have the SSR's in a group...
California Dreamin'

Those pictures look really great. I hope you guys have a great time at Half Moon Bay, sounds like a lot of fun. Take lots of pictures!
I too am in San Jose. HOw long have you had your SSR? I have had mine a couple of months now. I did not know there was a car show in San Jose when you got lucky enough to be picked for that photo shoot. I am hoping to get to the Dream Machines show this weekend in Half Moon Bay. Not sure if I will get mine registered to show or not.
I'm not sure - but I think you can register at the gate. As I mentioned I'll be at the Ramada in HMB if you want to display near another SSR. Send me a message if you want a cell #...
Pacific Coast Dream Machines

I'm all registered and I've planned on driving up from San Jose on Sunday morning. I hope to get there between 7:00 & 8:00. If anyone wants to hook up and see if we can get a couple of SSRs together, my cell # is 408-910-8417.
I'm showing my Red SSR and will be driving up Sunday morning, we could put a couple of SSRs together.
Tom Curtis, I saw your truck being used on Ebay for a charm braclet. Did you know about this? I am watching the bid wondering what it will go for.
I didn't know it was being used. I checked it out and sent an email to the people who are providing the charm.
I have a firm out of Maryland: Bowie Motors - using photos of MY SSR on their eBay ad for a 2004 SSR. I've emailed them a few times - but they continue to use them...
Problems with photos

I've posted some of the Pacific Coast Dream Machines photos to the Gallery. I'm having problems posting directly to the forum. Saw Tom Curtis and one more Red SSR there - 3 out of 2000 or so vehicles on display.

I LOVE this truck - still a major attention grabber. Drove thru Santa Cruz on the way home - folks there acted as if they hadn't seen one either!

Check the Gallery for photos...
Troy to the rescue

The show was a blast. Just curious if the other Northern CA SSR's had a good time in Stockton. It was HOT in Half Moon Bay so they had to have been roastin' in the San Joaquin Valley.

Photos attached...


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Looks really nice and the weather beautiful too.
Just a reminder

This show is coming up again - Not sure if I'll make it this year - but one worth seeing - and for a good cause...
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