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Well, finally got around to padding my SSR seat. Some others had expressed a concern that the center of the driver's seat seemed a bit low. Here's what I did to help mine out. I took a piece of 3/8 inch jute padding and doubled it and slipped it between the foam and wire webbing in the bottom of the seat. You need an 18 metric socket to loosen the seat bolts and nuts. You must disconnect two sets of wires. One has a pin that must be pulled - the other snaps out. I am posting a pic showing the postion of the pad. The largest hassle is the seat belt which gets in the way of removing the seat. However, you can take the seat out and work on it right there beside the car without ever disconnecting the seat belt. The two front seat fasteners (one bolt - one nut) are covered with a plastic trim piece. These simply snap off. Remember to raise the seat so that these are more easily accessed. Don't forget that the seat does not move after disconnecting the wires; so get it at its best position for access before unplugging!

Also I am showing how I deal with the XM radio. I don't want mine permanently mounted so that I can use it in other vehicles. The set up may not look so hot, but works well. I simply lay the antenna on the dash (even though they say not to do that.) Hope this might help someone. Cheers, Don


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Neat. I hadn't thought of adding pads to the underside. My thoughts always ran toward adding something just under the skin, or trimming the bolsters.

Did it do the job?
How dose it look fron the top?
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