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Here is my story,
I have a 05 with 1300 miles, I wanted a set of chrome wheels for it.
Let me tell you, this is a struggle!
The places that will give you a good deal on chrome, don't have cores.
That gives you about a 4 to 5 week turn around on yours.
If they did have cores, the core charge is $900 + shipping both ways.
I ran out of places to look, other than custom made ones for $4-5000.
Called my GM Dealer, ordered a new set of chrome.
So if all goes well, I will have a set of painted cores for sale by 5-2-05.
I would like to get the core charge for them.
Buy them, send off to be chrome platted, sell your core.

4 Wheels and Centers -- $900.00 + shipping
Shipping will be in the box the new chrome wheels came in
Cash or MO

[email protected]
Phone 256 8203786
Anniston, Alabama

Thanks for this site, very helpful.
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