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Sorry, i was out of town. Aold the entire truck. But i still have some parts. Its a 2004. I have:
1-Hood. (Had a small dent but i will fix it and prime it.)
2-Rear license plate bracket with reverse lights
3- driver side door with door panel. No mirror.
4- both rear compartment covers with key.
5-hitch ball.
6-benzel cover for heater controls
7-fuse box cover( engine)
8- engine cover with small crack.
9-plastic cover behind seats. Shaped like T for convertible top.
10-complete tailgate. (Has a dent but i will fix it and prime it.
11- right taillight.
12-right headlight
13-upper radiator support bar.
14-tonneau cover.
15- tonneau cover gasket
16-left rear quarter panel plastic cover.
17-left running board
18-right fog light
19-chevy logo that goes across the grill on the front bumper. And the 2 lights.

I will reply a bit faster if you email me direct.
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I think this is 2004 :purple: 1GCES14P94B106664
If incorrect, could you please provide the VIN (last 5 is fine) for our records?

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I would be interested in #18 the Right (Passenger side) Fog light. I will PM my eMail if you could send a Picture and price. Thanks


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Do you have tail lights and how much$.
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