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Parts or Leads Needed...

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Already posted this request in the "Parting wrecked SSR thread.
Trying to replace the missing parts from my 04....
Looking for the following:

Driver Seat Module

Windscreen (behind seats)

Tailgate carpet

Tonneau cover carpet

Windshield squirters (attaches to wiper blades) OR 06 Wiper Arms.... (Thanks for the info RG)

Integrated Running Boards - Satin RPO BVE Preferred to be semi-local to the pacific northwest due to shipping costs.

Factory Hitch (BOUGHT! Thanks! JB9281)
Bed tie down rails upper and lower (BOUGHT! Thanks! SNOMUNCHER)
Door Speakers (BOUGHT! Thanks! oldxr)
Glove box door (BOUGHT! Thanks! byers)
Torx head screws/bolts that hold the tailgate inside cover on (Different Bolts Used)

If any anyone has these items available please let me know Forum, Call, or Text. Pristine condition is not needed. Serviceable Driver quality is what I am looking for.. This is a shop truck... BUT it drives me crazy not having the items listed in the RPO list........
Cruzers Automotive
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i have a factory hitch with keys I might sale. PM me for more info
Not enough posts to PM - try calling
1 - 1 of 28 Posts