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Passenger Air Bag Cover

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Does anyone have pictures or information on how the passenger air bag cover is attached? I took the truck into Car Toys to have the XM radio hooked up and they didnt seem to seat it back into place an it is not flush with the dash anymore. Either they damaged it or didnt put it back in place and I would like to fix it. I will not take it back to them since I had to hasstle with getting two door dings fixed after my last round with them. They are idiots.
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Never mess around with a airbag componet until you have unhook the battery cable and let 15 minutes past bye. Air bags hold a slight charge after disconnected. You do not want one of these to go off with you hands on it. If it would go off it most likely will put your hand right into your face. :boxing
Doug :nono
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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