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air bag removal

You will need to disarm the air bag with your key, switch is located in the glove box right hand side. then remove glove box 3 screws on bottom side. there are two bolts located on the bottom of the air bag and two nuts on the back side. slide air bag module out the front side and disconect the wiring.

Does anyone know how to remove the passenger side airbag so I can remove the center dash panel to replace the instrument cluster in my SSR? The DIC is funky and is under warranty but I am not comfortable letting the service department replace it, if you know what I mean, fix one thing destroy another! My friend owns the dealership and lets me do my own warranty work as he knows how "curious", as he puts it, I am. Any help would be appreciated.

Luv my SSR, but am having a time adjusting to the stares and curiosity! Not a ride to own if you want to be unconspicuous!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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