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I want an air baffel to cut down on the backdraft, but nothing is available. So, I went down to Tap Plastics and came up with what seems to be a good design for a passenger compartment air baffel.

Flip the seats forward, look on the back panel behind the seats and near the top, you'll see two horzintal strips with two, covered, securing bolts holding the strips in place. Use cardboard to make a template and create a baffel that follows the curve of the roll bars on the left and right. Make room for the center waterfall and then mark the spots for the securing bolts. Remove one of the nuts and go down to the hardware store and find a suitable nut that will secure the baffel to the back panel. Take the template down and have Tap cut and drill a 1/4 plexi-glass or lexan panel to size. I intend to make one in a couple of weeks and let you know how it works...

Oh, the little compartment under the tono is for the emergency reflector triangles. Since the SSR is sold in Europe, it is a European requirement that all cars have the triangles, so that is why the compartment is there.. Not a bad idea to buy a couple and keep them in there... to help some other stranded person, of course!

I would love to see pictures of the baffles when you get them done. I think alot of us would be interested to see. I know all about the warning trianles in Europe. I was stationed in Germany for 4 years and we had to carry a warning triangle and a first aid kit as mandatory equipment on any vehicle. It is a good idea I think. I remember my dad as a kid always had flares in the trunk of the car.

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Wind Break

Back in early 2001 as I was following the progress of the SSR, one of the first releases of options(RPO's) that I have a copy of were six items for SSR Personalization.

The items were:

* Custom Vehicle Cover
* Auxillary Guages
* Cargo Netting and Crossbar
* Running Boards
* Cargo Compartment Trim ( Wood, Aluminum, Body color)
* Windbreak

All but the windbreak have been released. It is supposed to appear later this year.

The Windbreak was set behind the seats to carry the air over the seats.
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