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We have discussed on this board the fact that the aftermarket software companies have not yet shipped software that accesses and modifies the PCM (onboard computer) on the 05 SSR (which is very different than the PCM on the 03 and 04). There IS however now a way for you owners of 95 SSRs to get your PCM reprogrammed. It is not terribly conveneient, but it does exist.

Ed Wright Automotive in Oklahoma, 918-446-3019, the folks that did Bob A's dyno tuning, offer a remote service. You send them your PCM with a list of the changes you want, and they apparently can do them.

I puzzled about HOW they are doing this when none of the aftermarket software companies is shipping the software yet for the 05, but then "John", who works at the shop told me and Rob V. that the shop gets regular updates from GM. That gave me the source and the method: Ed Wright Automotive has simply invested in a GM Tech II and subscribes to the GM update service for GM dealers. That service brings the latest changes to the dealers, and enables them to access 05s that are having problems, so they can be diagnosed. THAT's why Ed Wright can access and modify the programming.

I mentioned above that it is not terribly convenient to have to remove the PCM, pack and ship it, wait for the return, and then re-install. There is a second problem: Ed Wright does NOT do the PHYSICAL modifications that many 05 owners will want. ALL they do is dyno tuning and reprogramming of PCMs. You will have to get a different shop to install headers, exhaust, cams, superchargers, different ring & pinions in the rear axle, etc.

This is more significant than some of you may at first realize. It is only possible to do "remote" tuning of the PCM, without the physical vehicle present in Oklahoma, if Ed Wright already HAS a program for an IDENTICALLY equipped SSR. If YOUR SSR differs from what they have in their library, you can't have them reprogram things like A/F ratio and timing, as that would risk blowing up the engine.

I'm not sure how extensive their "library" is at present.

However, if your 05 is dead stock, and all you want is the basic things cooling fan on/off settings, they can do that for you.

Changing the gear ratio in the software is also something that they have done. It simply requires them to change the field entry from 3.73 to 4.56. The PCM then AUTOMATICALLY corrects the speedometer, odometer, and even the shift points on the automatic. So, those of you who have been holding off on the gear swap because you could not get the reprogramming done, now you have a way.

I'm continuing my research, but thought that you guys would like to know that there IS a wy now of getting some reprogramming done, even if not terribly convenient.

One possibility that Rob V.and I discussed was getting your physical mods done wherever you want, and then transporting the SSR, or VERY CONSERVATIVELY driving it to Oklahoma, and having the Ed Wright shop dyno tune for correct A/F , timing, etc.

Theoeretically, an enterprising Chevy dealer could do exactly what Ed Wright is doing, but that would require imagination. :)

I'll keep at the research, looking for a better "all in one" solution.

Jim G

My tune was done off the 05 yellow 6 speed He had just figured out the fan and tranny shift the morning I was there. This stuff doesn't just happen. some one has to figure out the new cans some where. I am glad one was in my back yard. Ed had worked for chevy dealerships for several years. So he has some 1st hand knowledge. Ed will only tune on gm vehicles, and they must be fuel injected or throttle body. We ran out of time on my visit there. to put it on the dyno to fine tune it. He spent An extra hour and half on the tranny and fans. because he had just figured how to do it then and there. I just got to take time to go back. He normally does 2 a day. 1 8 to 12then lunch till 1 2nd one till 5 or done. He said it averages 2 to 3 hr for the prgramming.It MAde a big difference in mine. I am sure this 05 I have now would take the 03 supercharged in 1/4 mi with no problem. I did have one for a while, about 6 mo. before I sold it. Ed has done this pcm programing for several years. He had 7or 8 on bench in the office waiting to be done, besides whats in the shop. Seen letters from back east to the weast coast to europe of people sending him thank you letters for the prograqmming of thier pcm's. most of them could not believe the difference it made. :thumbs :flag :seeya
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