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Had a similar weekend to LuvRam13 at Cruise-a-Palooza I have done this show since it started as a "vendor" with a ski boat attached to my Sonoma. I was asked by one of the organizers if I was bringing the SSR - I had intended to, but it was nice being asked. This show has no restrictions - their slogan is "if you love it, bring it"

Cars/trucks came from Washington, California, Utah, Ontario. I registered at 6:00 AM Saturday, and was #454 - great omen for a Chevy guy with serial # 567. Total was over 600, with an estimated 200 cars that came for the ride, and didn't register to show their cars. Every spot for a 2 mile stretch of beach was taken, and some of the best iron was parked at the many motels along the strip.

About the only sore point was the RCMP providing a $300 tag to anyone doing a burnout on the strip - but to be fair, they had a major concern about pedestrian safety. Most of the fines were paid from crowd donations before they were done writing the tickets.

The SSR got unbelievable attention - for most it was their first experience seeing one, and the most consistent question is still "did you build it?

The reaction from the rod crowd was really gratifying - I've attached shots of the SSR with a purple 49 from Washinton, local red 49, and a ground dragging 50 from Utah - all 3 asked If they could take a picture with the SSR.

The shot of my display area was taken early, but still busy - otherwise a clear shot was impossible. All the others were taken Sunday afternoon, which was really a wind down day - most of the participants were headed out early.

For you Prowler fans - thought this one was worth a shot.


Sorry guys - these photos were medium res (about 800 K), but the system will only accept 200 K files) - I'll try to get my technowienie mind to figure out how to decrease file sizes, and re-submit the photos - if anyone can give me an idea how to do it, advice will be welcomed.
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