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I've clipped these messages that were erroneously posted in the test section. Hoping some of you who've had your SSR's a while might have some experience with these things:

It looks interesting, but hard to believe at that price! I too would be interested in feedback from anyone who has tried this. The only other option I have seen are the computer re-programmers (like the Hypertech) which seem to go for between $300-400 on eBay.


SSR performance chip 20 HP+

havent learned how to post yet sorry!
anyways I was looking on e-bay, and I saw a add for this chip. was wondering if any of you know anything about it, or have seen it? its going for 7.99, which surprised me, and wanted some input before I did anything, much appreciated, Jim
Item #7929649884 on ebay, If its a fluke and is going to jack my engine I'd like to know, Thanks again

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Added Power

I have the Hypertech Programmer and KN filter and mangaflow exhaust well it all says gain horsepower but my exhaust installer said the cars are so well tuned now days you really don't gain horsepower but sure sounds and looks good.The KN filter is for 2004 vette it works and fits fine.The Hypertech programmer is great i think it gives you a little more power and a little playing room as all your really doing is over riding GM settings.But remember you have to put it back to stock everytime you take it to Dealers as if they have an update they might override your comp setting it only takes a few min to program so i recommend actually all 3 iam no way connected with any of these products just a crazy guy Loving his viloet Bad Ass SSR lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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