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Pick up my Yellow SSR tonight

1162 Views 13 Replies 9 Participants Last post by  Doug SSR AZ
:party I am excited to pick up my '05 Yellow SSR at the dealer tonight! Next I am off to Las Vegas to enough it this weekend. Thought it would be a nice drive from Phx to Las Vegas to try it out!
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leaving for LV wive loves SSR as much as I do.
sedona is beautiful

Great idea! I think I will drive up through Sedona on the way to Las Vegas. Great way to experience the new SSR.
2004 vs 2005 decision

The 2005 is well worth the cost! 390 hp vs 300 hp.

check out - found over 1400 total SSR's & over 400 new 2005 SSR's in USA. Cost really varies.

A new 2005 with 800 miles from an estate sell has a good price! no tax. You could have it shipped to your location.

Worst case show the dealer what you could purchase a new SSR for in autotrader and they will usually go down in price to stay in line with the market.

Phoenix, AZ has lots of SSR's so the price is currently negotiable.

I paid ~ 41k plus tax, etc. Mine was a special purchase because it had been on the lot for awhile. My SRR had been driven at PIR raceway by Tony Stewart, # 20. Dealer provided a keychain with drivers picture and MSRP sticker was autographed by the driver.
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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