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What a machine. No one at the dealer knew what Aqua Blur looked like before they saw it come in on the truck. Needless to say they were all blown away. I even think they regretted selling it to me sight unseen for the price they did. Think they could have gotten more from someone who didn't do their homework on the internet and just walked in to the dealership cold. They also got a black one in at the same time. On the way home the wife and I stopped at a diner and when we came out the reflection from the neon lights on the diner was reflecting on the paint. Gave me some ideas for stripe colors. Hmmm.
Will keep you posted.

Congratulations! I've only seen the Aqua Blur on the internet, I'll have to go find one on a lot so I can see the true color. We're lovin' our '05...if you enjoy yours half as much you're gonna have a blast!
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