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Here are some pictures from the 3rd annual meeting in Sweden.
The meeting was held July 4 in Askersund. The weather was beautiful, and the meeting was successful. 8 cars came to the meeting. Nice people, nice cars. We looked on each other's cars, we went on nice small roads to Zinkgruvan mining museum and competed in miniracing driving in the evening.
And so we competed in drag racing with our cars in an industrial area.
If this works as it should, there is a film of the drag racing here:
I like the film, although I was disqualified for false start :whistling:
P.S. Link for film does not seem to work, so here is another one:


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Lennart, your video was awesome!!! Good choice for backround audio, too! :thumbs

I can see you guys don't mind "runnin'" your beautiful trucks either. >:)

Thanks for sharing with us. Very very nice. :shades:

David :black:

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Thanks for sharing Lennart! I especially loved the video with the burn outs and drag racing! Makes me feel like we're not treating our "American Muscle" right during our Rally's!!! Something to add to our events? ?

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Some real great stuff... It's those fast :black:... not matter what country their in. I did see the :yellow: sitting under the tree waiting for a fare.

Nothing like some fun in the R's.
Yeah, but did you see the bum cheating against the :ssr
He knew he didn't stand a chance! :ssr:smash:black:

Lennart, I have record of 73 SSR's in Sweden (and I probably don't know the half of it)
How do you think you can get more support?
I can give you some owner names and cities, but that is about as far as it goes with my assist.
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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