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Today when I was talking to Wildcat66, I mentioned how suprised I was, that out of all the people on this board, how few have taken the few minutes of time to get their name on the pin map.

I am currently travelling, in New Mexico, soon to be in Arizona, then Nevada, and was thinking how nice it would have been had more people taken the time to get their names up on the pin map. I could have called just to say "Hello,.. I am passing thru your town, would love to meet, if you have time."

The pin map is not just something for emergencies. I would like to think it is even for people to meet from out of town. Kind of like having an extended family, wherever you go.


The rest is borrowed from another Beer100, go ahead, I dare you.

Click on the pins to see the included info.

I'm ready to put pins in the map for any who wish.
Send your requests for pins to [email protected].

Please do not send PM's requesting pins.
PM's requesting pins will be discarded without action.
I'm sorry that I have to do it this way but my PM mail box is limited in size.

I need at a minimum the following:

Your SSRfanatic Handle and the map location for the pin.

Finding your map location:
You can find the map location by going to the SSR Pinmap, zooming to where you can see the place where the pin should be put, DOUBLE CLICK at the exact location on the map. After the map moves, the numbers below the map represent your map location. Copy them into the email. For example, my info would be beer100 (37.8128353653635, -121.242660284042).
edit: I've added a link under the pinmap, after you have zoomed and double clicked, hit the link that reads "Request a pin". This will bring up a form with your location already copied in. Add whatever info you desire, scroll down and hit the submit button. This "should" cause your default email client to start and a new email to be generated. You can review and amend it as desired then send it. (note: your computer and the default email client must be properly configured for this to work.)

Additional Tips: When determining your map location, try the Hybrid mode and zoom all the way in before double clicking on the location where you wish your pin to be. This seems to yield the most accurate results. Remember the numbers will only be accurate just after the double click. For some areas, there is no imagary at max zoom under either the satellite or hybrid modes. Use map mode.

Alternate method for finding a Map Location:
Go to and enter your address. Provide me the Latitude and Longitude that are returned.

So send your request to, with the following to [email protected]

Required items:
Fanatic Username:__________
Map Location (see above) __________,__________

The remainder is optional, provide it only if you would have it show on the map:
Name :__________________
street address :_______________
city, state/prov. zip country : __________________
phone 1 : _________ 1-123-555-1212 (work) or cell, day, night or whatever.
phone 2 : _________
phone 3 : _________
email 1 : _________
email 2 : _________
email 3 : _________
note : _________ < One or more lines.
SSR color :________

Edit: Email field are now email address' only & they are converted to mailto: links on the map.

PS: As I update the map there may be times when it gets broken. I won't leave it that way for long.

Edit: Revisions:
9-30-05 zoomed map to see whole world. Nobody (ME!) noticed that Topcat was banished to Mongolia for 2 days.

Edit: Internet Explorer users: If you are having problems loading the map. Slow, computer lockup... There is a setting that needs to be changed.

In IE goto: Tools>Internet Options>General Tab>Settings button>
Check for newer version of stored pages: check the radio button for AUTOMATICALLY.

I set that and my map retrieval went from minuets to seconds, 3 or 4.

The problem setting is when "Every visit to the page" is selected. This causes IE to check the server every time an icon image is drawn on the page.

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No problem there. I am leaving New Mexico tomorrow. I can keep a low profile in Arizona, and skip in and out of town in Vegas as well.

What the hell was I thinking with that nonsense that it would be nice to meet some of the other SSR owners in the rest of the country.

You don't know how much I would like to comment Machel, but I promised myself not to stoop.

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Just a note: (disclaimer of accuracy)

I don't double check the pin locations for accuracy. They are located at the latitude and longitude supplied by the requester. I leave it up to the fanatic to verify that the pin location is correct and to contact me if it needs to be refined. The other thing is that Google's maps will never be completely accurate or up to date. So no guarantees there either.

So If the specific address isn't listed in the pin's pop up tag, beware the pin may not be located at the place where the SSR lives.

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Tried 3 times

I have been on the PinMap thread 3 times over the last while (going back to the first days ) and it will not load into my computor.
I am on dial-up but everything else in the wild world of cyberspace gets through, Pinmap seems to alude me.After this post I tried again, waited -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------still nothing.

Scott Doran #201 somewhere in Canada, the frozen North.
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