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Guess the pin map is full....don't see my input on the map.
No, plenty of room. You are clearly there. If you bookmarked the red pin map please unlink it and use the link on the first post again. I changed maps so please do not bookmkark it, bookmark the first page and always use that link.

If you are using the correct map, without zooming in, if you click the silver pin at Hawaii you first see Blotto. In the upper right corner you will see a number 1 and 2. They are page numbers. Click the 2 and you will see your info. Since you live so close together the map puts you in the same place and uses 2 pages. You both selected Honolulu, HI.

After more thought I will just set you two up in alternate locations near Honolulu so that there is some space in between you, that should help you see it better.

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The map information is a little different and more detailed. I want to make sure that if I list someone they are listed on the map the way they want to be. Some people would rather not be on the map, some want to have or not have phone numbers, emails, etc....

Nice idea but I want users to know where their information is and how it is used.

My concern was related to spamming and telemarketing, It's a most excellent idea, however supporting fringe groups is not supporting members, how about placing where the risk is reduced for members, but maximizes the benefit, like the Supporting Member Off Topic area, just trying to find a way to avoid the thousands of free loaders who have zero interest in our SSR's.

[UPDATE] Argh, what the heck :) I have spare gas tank caps, belts, thermostats and a fuel pump, basically I can get somebody out of a jam if it's fuel related, also have the old tires, but would only be good as an emergent need based on age, look new -Goodyear. Caveat I personally view Goodyear as dangerous, however as tires could be problematic if there was a blow out they would be useful in getting to a safe harbor.

Also have a large house, I have no problem having a fanatic stay over while traveling. The map is off, I'm 100 yards off the BIG lake (Lake number 1). :)

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