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Is there a good website with examples of the Von Dutch style pinstriping, like what is on the tailgate of the Boyd Coddington SSR? We are putting ours in the paint shop tonight for ghost flames, and thought we might do something similar on the tailgate.

Thanks! :)
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Airbrush Action magazine has been doing a lot on pin striping this year. Vince Godive (probably spelled it wrong) is great at it. Do a web search for airbrush action and you will find their site and lots of good pics of pin striping work.
Ghost Flames

My silver SSR (license SSRRRRR) has ghost flames in pink (to match my pewter H2 HUMMER's pink and purple flames w/hearts). Ghost flames do not compromise the elegant design of the SSR as do graphics with "hard edges". My SSR always receives a big smile, positive compliments and thumbs up! It is worth the expense to add to the fun!!!
Tickled Pink said:
It is worth the expense to add to the fun!!!
I am excited about the ghost flames! My husband has it in his head that he wants to do something on the tailgate too - this part makes me nervous as I think it will be "too much". I thought the Boyd Coddington SSR's tailgate was simple and classy, but still not sure that would mix with ghost flames. I have a few hours left to talk him into just leaving the tailgate alone - wish me luck!! :lol
Excellent post Rebel! Nice stuff for sure!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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