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Can anyone tell me if they've had any experience putting pinstriping on the sides of their SSRs? I've seen lots of ghost flames, but am interested in just a thin pencil line stripe on the sides. Drive on!
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How about this?
Whoever does the stripping has to be sure to prep the area well first or it will just come off later.
You can see the step by step process as I painted it on this link. YOu won't have to go through all of that because you most likely will not be clear coating over it. There are some amazing paints out there that can be applied right to the surface without clearcoating if the surface is prepped correctly. House of Kolor is by far one of the best and well known brands. Their pin stripe paints are insane.

The choice for design of course is up to you, but I have found that this vehicle lends itself best to a line design that is very narrow at the nose and gets a bit wider towards the rear. It projects the vehicle forward visually.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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