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So, you want to dress up those plain Chrome Center Caps inexpensively.
Here are two suggestions that I tried. The first is the Special Mirror Artwork Chevy SSR Logo Stylized Artwork in Aqua Blur to match my color. You can order the color to match your SSR. I liked the outline without the SSR. You can order a set in your color and a set in Red to got the red “R” if that’s what you prefer.

The second is the Chevy Bow Tie in the color that matches your SSR.

Below are pictures of both.
It’s all up to your imagination and likes.


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"Plain Jane" caps.

I have 2 new sets of OEM and 1 used set under the bed. I currently am using a set of "China" brand plain caps with CHEVROLET in red vinyl. I much prefer this to the OEM. I think it matches the style of the truck better.

No, they are not for sale.

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