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how did you get to the SSR? i came by way of:

2001 Ford F150 Supercrew (shown with my 02 super air)
2001 M3 convertible (i miss this sucker)
2004 Mini Cooper S (selling her this week)
2005 Smoking Asphault SSR (big grin)


Aqua Blur SSR Pit Crew
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1969 Corvette
1980 Corvette
1981 Corvette
2001 Corvette Convt.
2005 SSR Aqua Blur
2005 Cadillac Escalade EXT My daily driver
I was a Corvette owner for 25 years up until the end of November. At that point I still had the 81 and 01. Sold the 2001 and traded the 1981 for the SSR. Love the look, wouldn't go back for anything!! :party JimO

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pesos said:
how did you get to the SSR? i came by way of:

2001 Ford F150 Supercrew (shown with my 02 super air)
2001 M3 convertible (i miss this sucker)
2004 Mini Cooper S (selling her this week)
2005 Smoking Asphault SSR (big grin)
Oh gosh... where do I start? Been driving a 1967 Chev Pick-up and a 1996 Chev Tahoe, switching back and forth as driving requirement/conditions change for 9 years. I was saving for a new Tahoe. My 1996 will be 9 years old this spring. When I started looking around, I came to the conclusion that buying a new Tahoe wouldn't give me much more than I already have. Then I started looking at the SSR. The uniqueness attracted me and the 05 drive-train locked me in. I have always been a Chevy guy, but have been somewhat disappointed in their line-up in recent years. They have great trucks and I have total respect for the Corvette. But if you want a car or something fun, Chevy really doesn’t have anything to offer. The SSR fit that mold. Although expensive... but not much more than a new-loaded Tahoe. So, I am keeping the Tahoe for times when I have more than 1 passenger, week-end trips with the family, and bad weather (Snow -:)). I have semi-retired the 67 Pick-up... moving it to my Car Collectors insurance policy, and I drive the SSR daily (weather permitting).

That is how I got here... previous rides:

87 K10 Blazer (preceded the 96 Tahoe)
71 Corvette Conv (preceded the 03 Corvette)

Current rides:

57 Chevy Modified (in progress)
66 Impala SS Conv 4-Speed Air
67 Chev Pick-up (short Bed)
96 Tahoe
02 PT Cruiser (Wife's Car)
03 Corvette Conv - 50th Annv Edition
05 SSR Ricochet Silver, 6-Speed

05 SSR Ricochet Silver - 6 Speed

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Oh you guys have all had great lives, with all those cool rides. My life with cars began a lot more humble
1. My mom actually bought my first car for 200. it was a green Pinto hatchback with a sunroof, the drivers door wouldn't shut from the inside so I would have to climb over or have someone shut if for me. LOL I was 18 what did I care. second car was a 67(?)Ford Galaxy 500 4-door ex police car from North Carolina, no air(I can't remember what the engine was but it wasn't the usual, that sucker could haul butt) everytime I would step on the gas the front would raise up about 6 inches it was great. :)
3. Toyota Celica hatchback
4. Firebird 85
5. Chevy Blazer 84
6. Silverado step side pickup (loved this truck it also hauled butt) 92
7. Tahoe 96 then 03
8. SSR :cool

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If I get a SSR, I will have trade or sell my 2004 Vette/vert. Im torn between, but leaning towards the SSR. I may wait until 2006 or get a 2005 if they, GM offer a 0percent like I got on my Vette. :boxing :rolleyes:

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Early Rides

Wildcat - I think I had one worse than the Pinto (if that's possible) - In college I bought a '57 Renault 4CV - made a Volkswagon look like a muscle car. Even had a crank start in the back - which I need 'cause I didn't have any money for a new starter. Bought it for $50. Sold it a year later for $75 - so I guess I can't complain too much. I recently saw the make, year and model on a list of the worst pos's ever made.

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72 Chevy Vega, used - traded in
This was where everybody, me too, learned aluminum blocks need steel sleeves.

77 VW Scirocco, new - traded in
Drove this one from the show room till it had to be towed to the junkyard, with about 120k miles in between. These buggies had a wide flat torque curve that ran out to 5500 rpm. It was a blast to toss around in.

86 Dodge D50, new - traded in
This one gave me about another 120k miles. Should have kept it as a beater.

96 Chrysler Sebring Convertable JXI, new - traded on the SSR in April 04
106k miles, the transmission on these were junk, replaced mine twice.
This buggy always did pull to one side or the other. Turned out the stock brand size tires were true junk.

04 Chevy SSR - current daily driver
Best of the bunch, Drives straight, true and smooth. Power enough it dosen't have to redline to keep up with traffic.

Windcheetah - current HPV, just about as cool to ride as the SSR is to drive.

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Former Rides:

1983 Mercury Capri - Learned never to buy a Ford again :nono
1979 Buick Regal - A true boat
1984 Jeep CJ7 - Modified with a 304 V8, 3 inch body and 4 inch suspension lift. 33" x 12.5" tires. Two tone paint job (primer and rust :lol )
1996 Olds Cutlass Supreme - My first new car
1999 Chevy Blazer 2 door
2002 Chevy Avalanche - Still miss this one on snowy days

Current Ride

2004 Slingshot Yellow SSR

Other Toys
16' Tracker Pro Angler Bass Boat
14' Lowe Jon Boat
32' Sandpiper Travel Trailer with twin bump-outs
1989 Club Car gas golf cart

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I have had 140 cars since I started driving 23 years ago. Here are a few of the special ones.
1970 AMC Rebel Machine (5)
1974 AMC AMX 401
1974 AMC Gremlin X with V8
1967 Cadillac Hearse
1969 Cadillac Hearse
1962 Pontiac Flowercar
1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 429SCJ
2003 Ford Harley F 150 100th anniversary
1998 Corvette Convertible
1972 Chevelle SS
1971 Cutlass Supreme
1974 Eldorado Convertible
1964 ElCamino
1999 Dakota RT Solar Yellow
1999 Dakota RT Intense Blue
1993 Corvette 40th Anniv Ruby convertible
Too many Astro vans to mention
Too many Gremlins to mention

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1975 VW Beatle
1975 Citroen2 CV
1977 Ford Granada
1978 Alfa Romeo GTV
1983 Mercedes SE 300
1987 Mercedes SL 300
1992 Mercedes SL 300
1993 Subaru
1994 VW Polo
1980 Suzuki LJ 80
1983 Suzuki SJ410
1989 VW Golf Convertible
1989 VW Golf II
1969 Pontiac Bonneville
1979 Ford Mustang
1997 Cadillac STS
2002 Jeep Wrangler
1999 Pontiac Sunfire
1990 BMW 730i
1998 Audi A4 Avant
2001 Dodge Durango
1987 Kawasaki 500
2005 Chevy SSR

Enjoying life as it comes
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got mine by

Started out with a 66 chevy I had worked an entire summer to purchase. (I was 14 at the time).
Kept this baby up in pristine condition the sold it when I was 16.
Bought a 76 Grand Prix for 1,500, kept it two weeks, sold it for 2,500.
Bought a 72 Gran Torino Sport cobra jet (Incredibly fast factory original race car)
(Still have this one to date and is perfect)
Also bought and sold over the years:
1963 chevy 4dr hard top 400/ 4spd/4:11 gears
1973 Grand Am Candy apple red/ 6.6 ltr /400 turbo/3:73 gears
1972 Gran torino Sport coupe 400/c6 auto/3:52 gears
1983 chevy p/u 350/700r4 trans/208 transfercase/3:07 gears (parted out)
1979 GMC p/u 454 BB/ 400 turbo/ 205 transfercase/ 4.11 3/4 ton axels (parted out)
1973 blazer 402 BB/ 400 turbo/ 203 transfercase/ 3:07 GEARS(parted out)
1969 BUICK WILDCAT (restored and sold)
2003 GMC ext cab (had it barely 6 mths and traded for the SSR)
Current rides:

1972 Cobrajet (no mustang) 345 hp/hurst 4spd/ 9" 3:52 traction loc rear

1977 Chevy p/u FULL CUSTOM /396 BB, 475 HP/ M-465 4SPD TRANS/ 205 Transfercase/4:56 1 ton axels/14" suspension lift/ 4" body lift/ 44"tall tires/custom gullwing doors/custom Kandy paint/electrical and interior yet to be finished.

1978 GMC step side, Black with Kandy Orange flames/350 bored .090 over and a monster cam/ Stainless exhaust/M-465 4spd/205 transfercase/4:11 1 ton axels/7 1/2" Suspension/fender areas stretched 6" to accomidate bigger tires/ 44" tall tires/ Roll bar/12'00 lb winch. (this one's for sale for the right price)

1980 Blazer (has everything new on it) Modified to new 91 Jimmy frt sheet metal/ 402 BB 350 hp/ 350 K housing turbo trans/205 tranfercase/3:73gears/35"B.F.G"s/ 750 watt Kenwood stereo w/ 10 disc CD changer. (this one is also for sale)

1990 GMC Sportside 350 E.F.FI./M-465 4spd/208 transefercase/3:42 posi axels/6" suspension/3" body lift/35" B.F.G's on custom wheels/ Custom grille guard/custom made oak bed floor and padded side panels/ costom tonnaeu cover/polished alum. skid plates/ custom painted frame/ Cutom Painted body (purple fusion)/ and a matching trailer to go with it. (Bought this on my golden birthday in 1989. A special present from me to me)

2002 GMC ext cab./6.0 litre/fully loaded/ leather the works/ 6" suspension/35" B.F.G's/custom wheels/ Kandy tangerine paint w/ ghost flames and checkered flag design buried under the kandy paint. (the wifes truck)

2003 SSR first year out 5.3/4L80E auto/3:73 gears/1SB package (everything but chrome wheels, runing boards, wood bed, and side cargo compartments)/soon to be custom painted with bright Kandy green, prizm pearl green over white base, teal, tangelo, and flame yellow graphics. (can't wait to do this part) I'll post a story of how I got lucky enough to get this on another thread.

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Trader Tom's TOYs

2005 Ricochet Silver SSR
2002 Lexus 430SC
2003 Chevy Avalanche
1999 Mazda Miata
2004 Lexus IS300
2003 Harley V-Rod Custom Paint
1996 Harley Fat Boy

2002 Chrysler Prowler Vin #2
1998 Corvette Covertible
1996 Dodge Viper
1993 Supra Twin Turbo
Donzi 7-21 400 HP Boat
1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo
1986 Infinite Q-45
5 Other Corvettes
1 other Toyota Supra
1964 Triumph Spitfirte
1968 Olds 442
First Car 1955 Ford Station Wagon

67 comaro
2-69 mustang mach 1
02 vette black
03 vette gray
03 siverado Black SS
03 siverado Red SS
03 redline Red SSR two tone seat supercharger etc #2117
05 Redline Red SSR chrome wheels color run boards gauges awsum sled.
having both now, there are several differences between 03 & 05. thing you might not notice unless you are fortunate to own both (lucky me).
just picked up 1-14-2005 Vin #19309 already put a 100 mi. on it.
I think i will try to sell the 03 SSr. If i do I will post it here with pictures,
two tone seats look too cool with the top down when you catch someone close
then remote start it then put top down by remote. talk about getting looks & conversasions started!!!
ps: those are just highlights of the sled i have had.
2003 ZX250 skeeter bass boat 250 hpdi yamaha; look great behind SSR pulls it very well, think it would pull the tounge off a jet ski tralier. (not)
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