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In the Owners manual ( it states to use GM Part 89021184 which is a bottle size.

89021182 - 32oz bottle
89021185 - 16oz bottle
89021184 - 12oz bottle

All the above GM part numbers have changed/superseded though, now they are - ( I don't think GM sells the 12 oz any more)
19329448 - 32oz bottle
19329450 - 16oz bottle

Or you can get these AC Delco part numbers which is listed on the bottles as alternate part numbers since AC Delco supplies this item to GM.
10-5031 - 16 oz bottle
10-5030 - 32 oz bottle

Or you can get off the shelf or branded PS fluids that meet or exceed the above part numbers......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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