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Looking for your friends on the Power Tour?? :ssr

Milwaukee Wisconsin is the First Day - Miller Park

I am getting daily reports that I will try to post nightly- with random photos and stories or whatever i receive.....

Already received photo of a Asphalt & Silver SSR with Red, and Blue! Who are you?
did I miss something, I don't recall seeing this one before- What a sweet ride!! :flag :flag

Some photos of Miller Park, the BBQs in the lot and some anxious hot rods waiting to hit the road......... :thumbs :cool

Will be expecting more to come. Heard Fuzzy already is in the pack and showing their SSR well!! :thumbs :thumbs He's getting great reviews!

If you are curious about the first day gather and meet, the tour reports are on the axiom site with a quick link from the home page.

Hope you enjoy, maybe see someone you know or just see what the tour is like -hopefully we get some fun stories and see some great burn out shots!!

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Here is Todays Report, Don met a few more Fanatics, found the SSR "Americano" by Rick418cars, that is such a sweet SSR. We also saw someone had a visit with the law :) Whether for fun or a ticket we're not sure :lol And from the sound of it, Don and Mac had some good use of the Enduro's Horsepower -
The Magnuson, Detroit Locker, Dynatechs, BellTech Springs, and some other stuff seem to be getting their testing NOW!! Wonder how much of those Toyo's will be left at the end?? :lol

like I said.......Don doesn't know how to drive under 100 MPH :cool :ssr

Some great photos too, Ive attached one from the onlookers and enthusiasts waiting for the Tour to hit their hometowns! Plenty More photos in our site, some cool shots from the road, and daily reports - feel free to get your PowerTour update and see if you recognize any of the Tour Vehicles, or our SSR friends!

Power Tour Daily Photos and Funnies



11:00 PM and live:

This is the second installment in our Hot Rod Power Tour reports coming direct to you from The 'fabulous' Renaissance Hotel (a 100 year old relic) in beautiful, but a bit windy for our tastes, Springfield, IL.

Early this morning, after a brief breakfast, we departed from the confines of the Milwaukee Courtyard by Marriot with the top down in our Detroit Enduro Chevy SSR with a clear sky dressed appropriately in shorts and slaps. Couldn't ask for better in the way of weather....

What can we say? This is where every Hot Rodder wants to a 500 HP drop top screaming (just a slight supercharger pitch) SSR in the middle of 3000 other hot rods on the way to the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Just to make certain the our ride was in proper mechanical condition, we floored it on the on ramp and quickly cleaned er' out by wrapping the Speedo to 140 MPH diving into the herd of anxious hopeless car freaks. What a gas!

This is what we feel life is all about. People cheering from bridges above, thumbs up along the highway and the start of a serious sunburn....Raise the top? No way!

After a quick lunch at a dive along the route, some 93 octane, another detonation free speedometer burying speed run and we dropped in again with our 3000 new friends!

Awesome doesn't begin to describe this experience! I mean..... I've gone 300 MPH @ Bonneville, but this is the best life has to offer so far..

Dropped off the interstate to try old route 66 for about 50 miles and bingo!...we were in a mind boggling line to get into the fairgrounds and park the Detroit Locker/Axiom SSR in front of our display area.

We were able to break away from our Detroit Locker trailer for a brief time and speak to Rick Bottom and wife and check out his 2 tone brown SSR (no supercharger-too bad).

Rick does what we do at DJ&F International...builds cars and trucks for the factory, clients, and friends. We exchanged horror stories regarding our build efforts and exchanged ideas and upcoming projects.

Rick's two tone brown SSR is beautiful and will soon sport a turbocharger as far as we know. We were also struck by the line up of SSR fanatics as we entered but were unable to get over to speak with everyone before the the event came to an end. No problem we've got tons of stops before Orlando!

The usual traffic snarl egress was soon overcome (engine temp steady @ 210 degrees) and we took the back roads to Springfield proper for a fine Italian dinner and off to our golden gilded hotel room on the 12 floor. One needs a special elevator key to get this high in Springfield.....

My co-pilot Mac Bernd is deep in slumber as I write. I'm used to this grind as a result of my life of Drag Race touring and business trips. Mac, on the other hand, is a 'nine to five hurry home to work on Hot Rods' kind of a guy! Mac's the school superintendent of the Arlington Texas School District (70,000 kids)....think about that one for a few seconds!

I might let him drive the 2 1/2 hours to Indianapolis Raceway Park tomorrow, but I truly hate to 'hand over' the wheel. No problem finding this place. Been down this drag strip many many times!

We'll check with you tomorrow night from downtown Indy where good restaurants and racing history is a way of life. How cool is that?

And...Hey you SSR fanatics....Do this Power Tour. This is an experience you will never forget! Go ahead.... plan it for next year-be a long hauler!

Yeah...... Greg Biffle again!

Until tomorrow.................................

Sounds like our SSRFanatics are gathering their numbers in the Tour - :cool
Way to Show Em!!! :ssr :flag :thumbs



Can't Wait

Looking forward to Nashville tomorrow - making a day trip. I will meet up with Noel & Deb, Fuzzy and others. I'll post some pics tomorrow evening. Wish we could all get together - that would be a blast! :seeya

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We didn't get our update last nite from the Tour..................

They reported that they had "technical" difficulties :rolleyes:

Wireless, mobile email issues - sure ;)

Okay Tour Cruizers............anyone see Don and Mac somewhere last nite?
Partying? Late Nite Cruizin? Burnin up the Toyo's? Girls Gone wild - maybe?
Where was the Party????

I believe there was some shin dig going on somewhere, and we missed our report due to "some major fun" going on!!! :lol

How bout we see some of those photos!! :jester

Well, Don and Mac asked that I bring their apology and promise to figure out thier email issue and get us updated this evening. :cool :flag


Axiom said:
We didn't get our update last nite from the Tour..................
They reported that they had "technical" difficulties Wireless, mobile email issues - sure.... Okay Tour Cruizers............anyone see Don and Mac somewhere last nite?....

From Nashville..... Don and Mac were there, I took a couple of great pics and you can see them hard at work shining the Axiom SSR. However, their report from Day 3 and pics from both days 3/4 are still out - but given the heat, long drive etc...we can cut them some slack.

FUZZY asked me to give an update (he's feeling the pain of being too far away from our beloved website) Day 3 went well - several SSR members have joined the tour along the way. He and his wife are having a good time despite the heat. There are a couple of sites he mentioned for your viewing and reading pleasure... and

Day 4 was great - I along with my son John met up with Noel & Deb in Joelton, TN and we cruised down into Nashville. We went through the registration process and began looking for a place to park. As we were not "long haulers" we had to park in the lot just below so we were separated from several other SSRs even after a bit of me whining and trying to beg the "bodyguard" at the gate, who basically let me know we didn't have a prayer of getting in the upper lot, :nono we settled along the fenceline - we were close anyway!

We visted several sponsors and checked out the awesome and some quite unique rides. After a while of sweatin' in out for tooo long (sunny, no rain, hot, hot, hot and very humid) we went to the Edelbrock pavillion for some shade, BBQ and beverages and waited for RonC, Vettegirl, Rick418cars, CircleK, Mr. Merlin, and Axiom (several decided to stop off at Bowling Green to check out the National Corvette Museum). :party

Deb started having too much fun and decided she wanted to join the tour through the next stop in Birmingham - Noel was up for it, she just had to convince her boss to give her today off - apparently she sweet talked him in to it and today they along with RonC, Fuzzy, Vettegirl et all are cruisin' while I'm sitting here wishin' I had done the same thing.

There was a tragedy on the tour - not an SSR but an all original 'stang GT500 got trashed along the way to Springfield....:cry poor guy, not sure why he continued on the tour - he was definitely not a happy camper and folks kept coming around his ride offering words of consolation - like putting gas on the fire! :cuss

Almost forgot, we did run into a couple of other SSR "long haulers" (redline red from Cali with spoiler) and I gave them a business card (Thanks MARC :cool ) so they could check out our site - we'll see.

We saw two SSRs I'm not familar with maybe some other folks know who they are... a slingshot yellow with grey/black v-stripe down the sides and a smokin asphalt with realistic flames over the front end (similar to Bernie's gallery pic) and a "100" on the door - tooo wicked! :thumbs We both had the top down and as we passed at the light we admired each others ride and did the wave :seeya I would have stopped to talk to him but he was arriving as we were leaving - John couldn't get out of work - much to both of our disappointment!

The rest of the SSR Fanatic family were planning on dinner at the aquarium so I'm sure when they finish the tour they will report more. It was great to meet everyone (now we have faces/real names to go with

I feel more connected now than ever- Look forward to meeting again and meeting new folks. Nothing like a nationwide event to bring people together!

FUZZY, when you get back, tell Kim hello - she's great! Deb, give a buzz or PM - so we can arrange a get together.

Hope you enjoyed the update.... I'll post more pics in the gallery!


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Extend Power Tour to Hawaii

We are all envious of all of you Fanatics on the power tour. Looks like a blast! It's great to see all those very familiar Fanatic SSR's hangin' out together. How cool is it to be able to recognize so many fanatics by thier vehicles, alone? Great to see Axiom, Mr. Merlin, Fuzzy, Vettegirl, RonC, among others. Only wish you could extend the Power Tour to the islands so some of us out here could jump in!

Thanks for the photos and keep the updates coming!

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Yes, myself, FUZZY, and vette girl (with spouses)are staying at Homewood Suites in Tallahassee. When we arrive in the Fairgrounds we are all getting together at the Detroit Locker area to take a group pix. Pass this on to anyone expecting to make it there to do this first.


Peace :flag

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What a great time!!!!!!!

Arrived in B'ham about 2:30 today. Registered OK, and did the clouds open up. Got soaked!!!! Gave it 30 minutes and remained cloudy the rest of the day. Toured the grounds and met Mr. Merlin & wife. Great folks. Didn't find any others.

Cell rang....FUZZY checking in. Caught in traffic in Huntsville and drive time traffic in B'ham. He, vette girl, circle K (?) and another conveyed together through the same traffic. I believe it was Deb from the Noel & Deb was also here.

Have to say one thing. Pictures don't do FUZZY's truck justice. It is absoutely gorgeous. My wife, who is just trying to adapt to this lifestyle, agreed wholeheartedly.

Have wireless internet at the hotel (and tomorrow in Tallahassee) and should get some pix back tomorrow night. This Tour is a riot. Am sorry I couldn't start from the Milauwkee begining.

Will have more tomorrow night.

Ciao, P/P

Peace :flag

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What a sight...

Buffy said:
Y'all have GOT to share with us how that cinnamon colored SSR got such a smooth finish on their dash to paint it! That sucker is GORGEOUS!

And did you see that steering wheel?
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