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Your prayers are needed badly for Miss Sunshine and Auggie Doggie Minzlaff. :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug

Received word today from Auggie Doggie that Miss Sunshine is in Rapid City Regional Hospital with Kidney failure and Liver failure and much infection throughout her body. She is also in a self induced coma.

Auggie has asked for Prayers for Miss Sunshine, the Doctors and I am asking you all to add Auggie Doggie to the Prayer List also. PLEASE take a few minutes to say a Prayer for Miss Sunshine and PLEASE send them a PM and let them know they are in our PRAYERS and will continue to be.

Thanks a 1,000,000 Brother & Sister SSRfanatics :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug and :smile2: :smile2: :smile2:

1 - 20 of 73 Posts