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Hey y'all! As some of you may know, Mark and I opened a new local art gallery in Maggie Valley back this October. We intend to have our grand-opening on May 16th, as our pre-rally get together. We'll have PLENTY of parking, as close by businesses are loaning us their lots...right next door and across the street.

Crafted In Carolina
3073 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC 28751

We'll serve the regular hot dogs and hamburgers, with all the fixins...BYOBeverages, camp chairs, etc.
Sign up here so we'll have a head count...This event will take the place of our annual cook-out at Crafty's.

We'll have some live entertainment.
We intend to start the party at 3pm and end about 7pm.

PLEASE!!! If you have any special dietary requirements...bring your own food. Unlike past years, we won't be at home where I can pull together a vegan meal at the last minute!

SSROE-Linda and Michael
Krazy Ed-Ed and Wifey
Mtr317-Mike & Krissie Ryan
Scott0168-Scott & Karen
JeffDBF1-Jeff & Terri
MicDuffer-Linda and Mike
Texasbaehr-Greg and wife
04BumbleBee-1+ Wife
Ross1957-Russ & Cyndi
04PurpleHaze-Mike & Joanne
FuryKay-Kay and Tressa
MicDonna-Ms Donna and her driver
WMHAT-Mike and Rose
SSReplay-Jim & Lois
sbubbaklein-Steve & Betty
SSRFather-Pete & Linda
Dee-Marty & Dee
rockytop-Fred & Debbie
autoprof-Mark & Marie
Quest-Ralph & Ruth
Meg in Carolina-Meg
DaBittman-David & Audrey
REG-Ray & Connie
run faster-Jim & Linda
Fuji and Betty-Yellowbear
Robby & Penny-BlueVoodoo
Thgrape & Grapette
Arthur and Ellen-Grandma
Bob & Terry 3yello
George & Rita-Doublevision
Dave and Joyce-32revolver
Sailing & Bluestreak
Bad Black SSR-Harold
Jimmy and Amy-Topjimmy
Beth & Kim-SSRHeartbeat

All have been added! We are so excited to see everyone! BEth and Mark

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