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Within the next week, both the Predator and Superchip will be available for the 6.0L 2005 SSR. The question is, which one to go with? Price at this point does not matter. I am sure they will be about the same.

I am looking for suggestions from those who have experience with them such as:
a. ease of operation
b. returning to factory settings for service
c. customer service
d. cost of upgrade
e. most of all, reliability !!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I only want to go thru this once. I notices that mods can make a difference. The only thing changes I have made so far was to add a cat back Magnaflow exhaust system (which I absolutely love the sound of) and a Green air filter. Other than that, all factory.

Thanks for your time.

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I have had some experiance with both the Superchip and the Preditor and have had issues with both. The Hypertech units I have used (several) have been trouble free. Mofo
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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