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Predator Programer

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Just got my Predator Programmer from Klazze Direct

Total price was $399 with a $65 dollar discount. Enter code dpp1050 on checkout, also sent it Free overnight shipping.

Lunch time, gota go check it out. :thumbs
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I keep getting a script error & it won't load the program. :mad I checked the Predator site FAQ and they suggested it was from Qoute: A GM script error is generally an interruption in the process caused by something aftermarket being added to the system, PCM and or electronics, like maybe a CD player, tach, shift light, or some communication to the vehicle system has said “stop and wait”. This is easy to sort out and correct in almost all cases. Then the process will not break communication and proceed.

I have nothing extra added. I did pull the radio fuse and still no luck. Did you have to do anything special? Mine is an 04.

I don't know who they are trying to fool but there are over 20 fuses and I don't think Chevy is pulling fuses to flash the chip.

:mad :cuss :confused
Battery is good, no onstar or orther after market goodies.

BIOS Version: 6.01
Software Ver: 2.04
Hardware Ver: 1.01

On the Box it has a sticKer that says GM-2004

Invoice says: U7193
Exactly like you and the manual says. It did download the first time and there was no problem with that. When I go to install a mod it starts up and says it is writing and then gives me the error.

This might be easier if I can give you a call. Let me know.
Talked with Boosted on the phone and want to say thank you. Contacted tech support and just got back from sending the programmer off. (Bad programer) Waiting game in play.

As for the question about the ECU, first the dealer is going to have to prove it was you. Unless you keep the programmer in the truck, they don't need to know. Could've been an electricle surge. :rolleyes:

Mine is covered bumper to bumber for 5 years. That covers everything but tires and wiper blades. Paid extra for that but worth it.

I do like the options on the Diablo compared to the other brands out there. At some time I plan on adding more mods like mass air flow sensor, cold air kit, throttle body ext. cat backs, headers and supercharger. I didn't want to have to buy a new tuner with each new mod.

On another note, I handed out 2 SSR cards today for the site, didn't get to meet the owners, one silver and one yellow. Hope to see some more from St. Louis joining.
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1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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