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Predator Programer

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Just got my Predator Programmer from Klazze Direct

Total price was $399 with a $65 dollar discount. Enter code dpp1050 on checkout, also sent it Free overnight shipping.

Lunch time, gota go check it out. :thumbs
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superchip programer

Received my superchip programer last thursday. Programed their high performance set up the same one that was done on the speed show with an SSR.

What a difference it shifts and the tires squeal at every shift ---just like my vette did. This 5.3 has power I did not know was there. First pass with new set up I floored it and looked down at 6200rpm when it squealed going into 4th (over drive). Engine sounds louder maybe my heart throbbing ???

Fuel mileage went down 20.1 to 19.2 on highway trip of 210 mi. Oh well it is worth the price......... have to run at least 91 octane.

Sale price was $307 including freight.

MADE ME A BELIEVER----------- 5.0 MUSTANGS your ponies can't come close :party :flag
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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