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Predator Programer

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Just got my Predator Programmer from Klazze Direct

Total price was $399 with a $65 dollar discount. Enter code dpp1050 on checkout, also sent it Free overnight shipping.

Lunch time, gota go check it out. :thumbs
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Flassh said:
Is it possible for a Fanatic who has experience with Performance chips to give us an unbiased (as in not associated with the manufacturers) assessment of the relative merits of the Predator, Superchips, and Hypertech programmers.

Engine performance, fuel requirements, shift enhancements, etc.

I had thought the Predator had what I was looking for, especially enhanced shifting, but there have been reports in past threads, and also this current thread of malfunctions, and in one case, of an SSR having to be towed to the dealer, and the ECM replaced. That makes me a little nervous. Those boxes ain't cheap, if the dealer takes the position that the programmer caused the failure, and therefore, no warranty.

Any takers?

I bought and installed the Predator in my 500 mile new 04 2 weeks ago. I have since modified the performance tune several times with zero problems. It's VERY user friendly and comes with more adjustability than most will use right away BUT if you do any other mods down the road (which I plan on doing), you can keep modifying with the same unit which is great.

I paid $324 total from

VERY PLEASED! :) :) :)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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