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As other people on this forum have mentioned there are a lot of good people on this board that are very helpful to all of us. Boosted took time and made it convenient for me to contact him regarding programming with the Predator. He was very helpful but unfortunately was only able to give limited help thru no fault of his own. The reason:

I bought my Predator a year ago when they first came out for the SSR. Currently there have been a number of revision upgrades I was not aware of, therefore I thought it was me when I couldn't find the parameters that Boosted suggested I adjust.

The downside is I now have to send my Predator back to Diablo to have the revisions installed. Its funny that for other makes you can download the revisions and install them yourself but for GM you have to send it back to them. They do it for free under and RMA but you have to pay for shipping there. I'll update when I get mine back.

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